Saturday, March 4, 2017

February Wrap Up

This January & February was spent fine tuning loose concepts into practicable trading techniques and streamlining processes reducing the amount of time spent before, during and after each session to better focus on session activity - Spring Training...

The Plan of Day templates have been modularized and moved to a web based format. Cockpit layouts have been cleaned up for multi-market scanning, detailed focus study & trading. I'm still carrying two platforms, TA Trader as it has a very flexible Market Profile and Bid/Ask Delta modules while migrating further to the Think Or Swim Platform for the majority of charting duties.   Without getting into the nitty gritty details of technique, below is a fly over of t the new cockpit.

Multi-Market Scanning Screens w/ Sector & Market comparisons

Close Focus Screen

With time freed up, other laborious studies have been streamlined

- Streamlined Commitment of Traders Review 
-- (merged individual reviews into a consolidated single review session)

- Market Calendar Summary
-- Existing web based calendars were tabular and disjointed
-- Coherent hierarchy organization of A & B list items with other relevant data

Most important of all, I've restarted the scoreboard for trade accounting - With the margin account reloaded and February scrimmages,  going live this season is coming along...

To be continued...