Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Spring Cleaning

Been absorbing new methods and streamlining the workflow greatly improving understanding an efficiency (not sure how well the graphics will expand in the actual blog)

So we are heading into February, which is one of the weakest months for the Dollar and the strongest month for Oil during the past 10 years.


4 Hour Action:
  • Gold putting in a triple top and expanding triangle
  • Precarious gaps observed in the Equities MP structures
  • Natural Gas putting in a midstream “M” - watch for breakout!
  • Crude happily in range, watch for February breakout

30 Minute Action:
  • GC is clearly inverse of Equities (confluence)
  • YM & ES clearly returned to basecamp
  • NQ stair stepping higher
  • NG Taylor series suggests long tomorrow
  • CL in range
  • GC creating a triple top on Fib 50
  • GC possibly putting in an expanding wedge

Trade Review:
  • Starting new ledger

Carry Over Conclusions & Today’s Ruling Reason:
  • Meeting tomorrow morning - No trading
  • Stay safe, FOMC is meeting
  • Stay safe, Trump news continues
  • Revisit possible pull back levels