Sunday, January 15, 2017

Natural Gas Revisited

A few days ago in a prior blog entry, we noticed that NG had tested and rejected price at a specific historical price level - Another review seemed appropriate using different time scales.

A look at the five year span, we see price rejecting the low at 3.098 and also rejected the price from approximately 2 years ago - It would seem natural for price to fill in the adjacent Low Volume Area.

A one day timeframe analyses is conducted.   From here, we can see price homing in on a specific Low Volume Area (and perhaps settling)

Finally, a 30 minute view is performed zooming in on the recent price rejection also corresponding with a composite High Volume Area Point of Control (purple) and an MP anomaly consisting of a string of single prints.    

Interesting is the declining On Balance Volume indictor suggesting Liquidation.   A neutral trading area and a long trading area are suggested.