Saturday, December 17, 2016


Mixed results depending on the market

Energy in plenty of supply with Leverage funds naming the price

Leverage funds are leaving gold

Mixed on the ES, YM and NQ

Oil looks correct - Commercials are selling and Managed money is Buying at whatever price they want
Follow Managed Money

GOLD - Managed money continues to sell hard while Commercials are increasing their buying
Follow Managed Money

Natural Gas - Managed money is buying and setting the price, producers selling what ever they have.
Follow Managed Money

Asset managers are taking ES up.  
Dealers remain neutral
Leveraged funds are steady selling
Mixed Market

Leveraged Funds buying the market up
Asset Managers buying slightly
Dealers more than happy to sell
Long the Dow

Leveraged Funds and Asset Managers selling off their positions
Dealers picking up the orders
Short the NQ