Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Great News for Beef Lovers!!!

HE - Cattle

I don't trade cattle but I am an avid consumer of beef - This review is purely a curious look...

20 Y weekly
- Recently, cattle prices has just made a 20 year low!
- Prices are around 30% of the all time highs!
- Prices have broken below the 20 year composite fair trading range

1 Year Daily
- Cattle have been on a steady decline since the peak of summer
- Not sure with the data I have, if the supply simply exceeds demand or
- Perhaps with following fuel prices, the cost of raising cattle and feed has diminished
- Regardless, this trend is good news for beef lovers

90 Day 4 hour
- Notice the recent gap down during contract roll over and downward plunge
- Observe customers buying cattle at 20 year low prices....
- Stock up your freezer!